3 Reasons Why Immortal SMP Is The Most Exciting Multiplayer Experience In RuneScape

There is an endless amount of ways to play RuneScape, and SMP is one of the most exciting ways to experience the game. You are given the opportunity to play with and against other players, instead of just a single avatar. This can feel very different from playing a PvE game, as you are forced to work together to complete tasks. This blog will explore some of the reasons why SMP is the most exciting multiplayer experience in RuneScape – and why you should consider joining.

You Can Be Anyone You Want

One of the most exciting parts of SMP is that you can be anyone you want. This means that you are free to create a character and personality to match your aspirations, interests, or ideals. You can choose the race for your character, choose the class for your character, and even decide what skills they have. It’s also possible to take on a role-playing persona through all of these options – by choosing a race or class that has nothing to do with who you are in real life.

You Can Change Your Appearance

Another compelling feature of SMP is the ability to change your appearance. This feature is not available in PvE, which means you’ll be able to tell people apart from a distance – helping you make friends and enemies easier. You can also change your race, gender and clothing.  The hair and skin colors are not limited to the preset colors, so you can have an avatar that is unique to you.

You Can Customise Your Weapon

One of the most exciting new features of Immortal SMP is the ability to customise your weapon. You can use a mixture of different metals, gems and runes to create an entirely unique weapon. You can also upgrade weapons with materials that you’ve acquired on your adventures. The ability to customise weapons not only creates a unique style for each player, but it also allows players to focus on their preferred fighting style.

There Is Always Something To Do

In SMP, there is always something for you to do. Be it working on a construction project or fighting in a battle, there is always something to do with your friends. Furthermore, as new content and features are added to the game every week, there will never be a dull moment.

It’s Always Improving

While the current iteration of SMP is already great, it’s not like Jagex is done with the mode. All of their updates are always improving on what was created before and that’s no different for SMP. The next update will be adding in new features to help you find your friends. You’ll also be able to pick an avatar that suits your personality so you can show off your individuality. Even though there are improvements coming in the future, it’s still a lot of fun right now!

Immortal survival multiplayer is the most exciting form of multiplayer gaming. The ability to be anyone and do anything means that you can have a fresh experience every time you log in. There are always new opportunities to explore and new ways to enjoy the game. The constant updates mean that it is always improving, meaning that there is never a point where you will get bored. It is the game for players who want to shape their own experience and do as they please.