Top Tips For Passing Medical School By Lou Hampers

Your medical school journey is a long one, and there are many ways to achieve the same end result. That said, here are some tips for passing medical school that have worked for me and my classmates over the years:

Make The Most Of Your Time

You might think that you can’t possibly study for a test during breaks in between classes, but this is actually a great time to get ahead. Instead of wasting your break by scrolling through social media or checking email, use it wisely by doing some additional studying. If you want an extra challenge and have some free time on your hands, try going through some practice questions that were previously assigned as homework assignments–this way, if there are any changes from how they were taught in class (or if their answers have changed), then you’ll be prepared!

Let Go Of Perfectionism

You’ll learn the most from your mistakes. Perfectionism is a barrier to learning, because it stops you from making mistakes in the first place, according to Lou Hampers. When you’re constantly trying not to make mistakes, or berating yourself when they happen, it’s hard to focus on what’s important: learning how to do things right and improving your skills over time.

Instead of trying so hard not to make any errors (and failing), try focusing on reducing their impact on your performance as much as possible. Think about what went wrong after each test or assignment is graded–what could have been done differently? How might those changes have affected your grade? This kind of reflection will help improve future performances by giving insight into where improvements could be made next time around (and there will always be another assignment).

Plan Ahead And Manage Your Time

You will have a lot of studying to do, so it’s important that you plan out when and where you are going to study, says Lou Hampers. You should also schedule time for socializing and sleeping as well. Don’t waste your free time on unimportant things like watching TV or playing games all day long! You need some balance in life so make sure that there is some fun mixed with the hard work!

Procrastination is often one of the biggest obstacles for students who want success but procrastinate instead of getting started on their studies until it’s too late (or worse yet never start). The best way avoid this mistake is by not putting off until tomorrow what could be done today.”

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

In order to be successful in medical school, you’ll need to stay healthy and fit. This means exercising regularly, eating well and getting enough sleep each night. You should also avoid stress as much as possible–studying can be stressful enough without adding more stressors into your life! Take time out to relax every day so that you can focus on studying when it’s time for class or exam time.


So there you have it: the top five tips for passing medical school. Remember that there is no one way to do this, and everyone has their own journey. However, if you keep these tips in mind throughout your studies and apply them as best fits your needs, then you can be sure that whatever happens along the way will not stop you from achieving your goal of becoming a doctor!