Technology Versus Customer Support

That virus easily wiped me out!

Really, easily wiped my computer out!

A week ago I distributed to along with you that my computer fell for a trojan viruses virus…also it would be a nasty one at this. It infected numerous systems, knocking out my internet, printer and the opportunity to reverse the time and reset the restore functions.

It had been a mind-numbing, physically exhaustive procedure that require me to pay time, energy and cash to repair.

Well, thank heavens for technicians who be visible on Sunday to repair things. Well, it wound up taking 5 hrs to revive my computer to higher than ever before condition.

The only real caveat is the fact that I lost our emails. I am sure they’re in certain lost quadrant from the computers greatest recesses…frankly, I am not very concerned, well not until someone calls me and asks basically read email addresses. Then your whole panic factor could occur.

The entire situation got me really thinking. These items happens constantly! To not myself, but to plenty of companies. Some handle the problem perfectly, while others panic and pull their head of hair out, scream and stomp, yell, and essentially make existence miserable for other people.

We like a society depend very heavily on computers, mobile phones, charge card processing machines and automatic teller machines (ATM’s). So much in fact, that people curse as soon as this devices leave us hanging, and do not do what they’re designed to.

I had been frequenting my personal favorite home improvement store over the past weekend plus they not just were getting worker issues (a tale for an additional time), their network system was lower and thus nobody understood how you can hands process orders. They’d relied a lot on computer systems that no-one understood how you can physically write down a purchase. The shop was subject to the network. 1000s of dollars in potential sales the window, because nobody had the mindset to alter the guidelines.

“I am sorry Mr. Johnson for that computer problems today, however if you simply bear beside me I’ll write down the transaction and when you want to pay for having a charge card I’ll process it once the system returns up.”

But, noooooo! We’d rather tell the client to return later or worse bring them in to the arms in our competition.

I Then stopped in a junk food restaurant (yeah, I understand I should not consume the crap, but needed something anxiously to consume), as well as their charge card machine was lower. So again, these were losing sales in droves…but yet they made the decision to not tell anybody once they arrived concerning the charge card problem, until they attempted to buy. Then your check out customer faces because they rapidly recognized just how much waiting in line prepared to order was rapidly switched to disappointment. The folks within their cars were under amused once they grew to become captives within the drive-thru.

Technologies are wonderful also it can complement our way of life, yet additionally, it has got the inclination of creating us too dependent and non thinking (especially towards our customers).