Need of socks in the field of sports:

Today we will discuss what is the necessity of socks in sports. A sports person can only understand the worth of the socks in their life however, we will try to explain them in our way or the way we understand the need of socks in sports.

A sports person will require large amount of socks because they have to practice daily. We all know it is not possible or not even close to reality that a person can practice all day long and will maintain to clean their cloths daily. For that purpose you can buy socks from wholesale sports socks market because you will get quality and quantity without paying high amount.

Materials used for making socks:

Socks are made of many material such as cotton, wool, silk and many other material available today. In ancient times they were made out of skin of animals as the knitted cloths were not invented by them. Below we have mentioned some of the materials that are used for making socks.

Socks are generally made out of only three material now cotton, silk, and wool are among them. The material that is used for making the socks will define the purpose of socks. Like , if the socks is made out of silk it will be used by a person who is in the profession of dancing or in the profession doing acrobatics.

There are socks that are made by blending materials those materials are called nylon and are cheaper than other socks. These socks are commonly used by a person who is belongs to a middle class or poor class. However, these nylon ones can really mess up the health of your feet as they are hotter and the sweat will not get dried easily.

History of the name socks:

Each and every name does have its own history like if a street named as on a person it will define the importance of person and of a castle or a building is name on something or someone it will define there importance or the person behind the idea of the architecture.

At first, the socks were called socking later on they derived to socks from a word called socc from old English text. It means light slipper and we use them as a light slipper at home which completely describe the meaning.


As we have mentioned above in the article that there are different types of material that can get used for making socks. The materials used for making socks will define the use of the socks. A silk one is used by the person who dances or does acrobatic moves on the other hand cotton socks get used by sports person or any common man.

We all know that if you want to buy a sock that is of high quality you will have to pay more however, you can choose to buy socks from wholesale sports socks from any wholesale market that are available online and offline.