My Entire Family Loves Fly Fishing

Several years back, my husband and I got into fly fishing. It was a nice thing to ground us if the stress of life was coming between us, which can of course happen a lot. It’s great. We would just fish and enjoy each other’s company. 

Our hobby fell by the wayside when we had kids, as a lot of things tend to do. We picked it back up every once in a while when we could secure a babysitter. We kept it going like this for a while but we were really missing our regular outings. 

When our kids got a bit bigger we would take them along and let them play nearby but it was never the full experience. Kids obviously need a lot of attention, so we’d have to take turns entertaining them. 

We decided to give it a break and just take the kids to do regular spin fishing for a while so they would learn how to do some sort of fishing. They really enjoyed it and we enjoyed watching them. And in terms of a fishing fix, it wasn’t quite what we were looking for, but it was better than nothing. 

Now my kids are 12 and 14. About a year ago my husband and I decided to try our luck and see if we could get the kids interested in fly fishing. It actually worked. They were eager to try it out. 

Now of course they’re too young to really have their own gear, but our 14 year old is well on her way. Our 12 year old needs a bit more time, but he’ll get there. 

We really wanted them to learn as much as they could, so we set out to do some research on where they could learn more about fly fishing. That’s when we found Trouts Fly Fishing. They had so many resources that the kids could use. We were amazed. 

Sometimes it took some coaxing and incentives, but the kids sat down together, if you can believe it, and watched different videos and read some things to learn more. It seemed like it was something they really wanted to learn. 

This piqued mine and my wife’s curiosity. Our children gave us a chance to try their rods so that we could get a general feel for them. They actually seemed really nice but we figured maybe it just felt different due to not being the right size or something. 

We made the decision that when it comes time to get the kids their own equipment, that we will go through Trouts Fly Fishing. They taught our kids pretty much everything they know about fly fishing, and gave us some new lessons as well.

We’ve been buying our other accessories from them since we discovered them, and we’re super happy with everything so far. We’re excited to continue purchasing from them in the future. My husband and I got our favorite hobby back, and our kids are along for the ride. I couldn’t be happier.