Is This The Ultimate Male Enhancement Pill?

How to eat penis envy mushrooms is one of the hottest topics among men who want to increase their penis sizes. Penis Envy or the Envy of Shame is the most popular of all of the Psilocybin Cubesia mushroom varieties for a very good reason. The psychological effects of this Penis Envy super food is unlike anything you’ll ever feel in your entire life. This article will explain how to eat penis envy mushrooms to help you achieve your desired results.

Penis Envy is a highly potent, and highly regarded Psilocin variant that is extracted from P. cubeba by carefully chopping and then drying the shrooms. In order to make the most out of Penis Envy, the dried mushrooms are combined with other potent and highly regarded herbal ingredients such as Black Cohosh root, epimedium leaf, Damiana leaf, Indian ginseng root, Gotu Kola root and other herbs. Most of these ingredients have been used to help people overcome unhealthy lifestyle habits, thus increasing their energy levels and improving their overall well being. The combination of ingredients has proven to be extremely powerful, and extremely beneficial to a person trying to increase their sexual performance while enlarging their penile size naturally. Penis Envy is also the most potent of all of the Psilocin strains because of its distinctly unique, highly subjective mushroom experience…

Some of the psychological effects associated with Penis Envy include a persistent and prolonged “high” like feeling that leaves you energized and alert. You may also experience increased alertness and awareness. This can lead to a sense of reality similar to drug-induced lucid dreaming. Other reported side effects from consuming Penis Envy are increased feelings of self-confidence, an increase in sexual drive and stamina, a heightened sense of pleasure and satisfaction during sex, and an increased tolerance for erotic stimulation. Some users even claim to have experienced the classic “drug” sensation.

Like many types of mushrooms, Penis Envy may cause serious side effects if not taken under the care of an experienced and knowledgeable physician. A common side effect of Penis Envy use is the production of phlegm or mucus. Some users have also reported experiencing headaches, dizziness, nausea, tingling sensations, and/or numbness of the penis. A majority of the reported complications from Penis Envy stem from allergic reactions to the dried mushrooms. Although rare, some cases have even caused death.

There are several strains of Penis Envy, and they do vary from one another. Some of the more potent varieties produce the most intense and powerful “love-drug” experience. Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms is probably the most potent and highly-effective strain on the market. The magic mushrooms found in Penis Envy are produced from a unique variety of fungus and have been scientifically proven to boost a man’s sex drive, increase his stamina during intercourse, and allow him to achieve powerful orgasm. Each batch of Penis Envy mushrooms contains a carefully monitored blend of nutrients which are carefully balanced in order to produce only the most potent penis enlargement product on the market.

While there are many penis enlargement products on the market today, none has received so much positive feedback as Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms. If you would like to enlarge your penis, you should give Penis Envy a try. For thousands of men who have tried it, Penis Envy has been one of their most effective and popular penis enlargement products. It is a very potent, all natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.