Importance of faith-based recovery programs in drug addiction treatment

Accepting and overcoming an addiction is a challenging and tough task for anyone. To open up about addiction with loved ones, friends, and family is the most challenging yet extremely important thing.

If a person is addicted, who is also religious has a different kind of challenges to recover from their addiction . Religious people have to fight with their inner self and their faith about what substance abuse is considered, without actually not being able to stop it.

A survey by Pew Research Centre suggests that nearly 70% of Americans are religious.

Substance abuse is affecting millions of people every year, irrespective of their religion or beliefs. Addiction is not a failure of your moral principles or beliefs, what matters are the efforts you are taking to overcome your addiction.

The faith-based recovery program is a unique way that can help religious people to connect with their inner beliefs to fight against addiction.

These special rehab programs allow a person to recover from their addiction while continuously growing their religious belief during the treatment.

Offerings of faith-based recovery programs

Faith-based recovery programs work on the person’s spiritual as well as medical requirements. But the main focus is on the spiritual element. Along with that regular medical and physiological rehab, techniques are also used to create a chemical balance in the body during the detox process to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

These medical and physiological techniques may include supervised medications, detox of drug rehab new jersey, therapy sessions, emotional training, and life skills.

 During the treatment certified spiritual counselors are available for counseling. Various individual and group therapy sessions are conducted with these counselors which helps in finding peace for the addicts through their beliefs.

Various group exercises are also conducted during the treatment like forming a close community group of those taking the treatment, which provides emotional support and strength to overcome their addiction also helps in long-term recovery.

Worshipping is also allowed in faith-based recovery programs, effects of spirituality refer differently to different people.

Options in Faith-based program

No longer do Patient need to stay in rehab centers and conquer their problem. They can choose any of the programs which they offer their patient. Like family counseling, individual counseling, day and evening intensive outpatient programs.

Positive impacts of a faith-based program

There are a lot of advantages of a faith-based program

  • A person can sense more inner peace, hope, and meaning in life.
  • This kind of program boosts their self-confidence and self-control.
  • Helps to recover fast from drug addiction.
  • Improve relations with friends; a family makes you socially confident.

Celebration of recovery

It motivates them to work on themselves and achieve the goal. In the faith-based program, there is a fully dedicated team for patient care to observe their progress and encourage them.

Holiday events organized by the team to improve their mental health. Mentors and support staff are well experienced and professional. They work on patient’s social, physical, mental, and management skills provide them by intensive session in all in one solution treatment center.