How to Submit Music to Radio Stations

The easiest way to get radio play for your music is to submit it to a station that plays your genre. However, before submitting, it is crucial that you have some relationship with the station. It would be ideal if you could approach them at least a few times over the course of the year, if not longer. However, if you don’t have any relationship at all, you can always try approaching the station by email instead of sending a personal note.

If you are not sure where to submit your music, Sharetopros is a good place to start. It lets you submit your music both unreleased and published. It makes the process easier, and increases your chances of receiving feedback. The site also contains detailed information about the different channels where you can submit your music. By following these tips, you will be able to submit your music to the best channels for your music. Hopefully, they will publish your music!

Before you start submitting your music, you must think about the kind of person you are targeting. Many music bloggers are professional writers, and a few spelling mistakes here and there will make you look unprofessional. Also, it is not necessary to send massive files to these sites. However, you should ensure that you include links to your social media pages. Remember, you don’t want to overwhelm the editors with large files. Lastly, always make sure that the music you submit is of good quality.

When submitting your music to a playlist, make sure to read their music submission guidelines first. Some curators have multiple playlists, and it is vital to know which one is right for their audience. Taking the time to read each curator’s guidelines is crucial, but you should still follow general submission tips. 

When contacting the curators through their websites, try to look up their contact details or browse their social media accounts. If you can’t find the contact details of the curators you’re after, you can use influencer marketing tools. They provide a list of influencers, and you can submit your music directly to them. These tools will cost you a small fee, but the time you’ll save is usually well worth it.

Besides that, you should be careful when submitting your music to radio stations. Always make sure to spell-check your submission, and double-check everything before you submit it. A few spelling mistakes can ruin your chances of getting your music played. You also shouldn’t blast your music out to the world, especially if you have no idea who you’re targeting. If you’re sending your music to a radio station that plays your genre, it would be best to focus on their audience, and make sure to avoid making any mistakes.

To avoid being overlooked, make sure to keep up with the deadlines of record labels. Record labels receive hundreds of submissions every day and don’t have time to respond to every producer. So keep sending those submissions. While the smaller labels have more opportunities for your music to be heard, big labels may not have public contact information. If you’re interested in getting your music heard by big labels, you should seek out their A&R directly, rather than asking your friends.