Get To Know Your Psychiatrist: What To Expect By Dr Charles Noplis


A psychiatric appointment is a good opportunity for you and your doctor to talk about the best treatment strategies for your symptoms. 

These appointments are generally short, and you’ll probably have more than one with your psychiatrist, to prepare for your first appointment, make sure that you know what questions to ask and understand everything that will happen during the meeting. Below are some of the things that can happen when seeing a psychiatrist.

You Will Have A Physical Exam

Your psychiatrist Dr Charles Noplis will perform a physical exam to rule out any medical conditions that could be causing your symptoms. 

The exam is not intended to diagnose you, but it’s important that you are honest with your psychiatrist about any past medical problems or current medications you’re taking. If there are certain questions you have about the physical exam, now is a good time to ask them.

Psychiatrist Doing A Mental Status Exam

Your psychiatrist will likely ask you a lot of questions about your life, your symptoms and why you’re seeking treatment and they may also ask what medications you’re on currently and whether they are working for you.

If it’s your first visit with a psychiatrist, they will conduct a mental status exam, this involves asking questions like 

  • Since when have you felt this way
  • Do I hear voices

The MSE helps determine if there are any other health issues that could be affecting how the person feels or behaves.

A Psychiatrist May Ask You To Take Some Tests

The most common ones are:

  • A physical exam, which can include blood work or other medical tests
  • A urine test for drugs and alcohol
  • A mental status exam, which is a series of questions about how you’re feeling and functioning in everyday life. 

Your doctor will also ask if there’s anything bothering you right now and what kind of support systems are available if needed family members? friends?. This is all part of getting a baseline understanding of how things are going with your mental health before starting treatment options like therapy or medication management.

Your psychiatrist Dr Charles Noplis will likely ask you a lot of questions about your life, your symptoms, and why you’re seeking treatment. Be prepared to respond to the following queries.

  • What are the symptoms that brought you here
  • Are there any other psychiatric illnesses in your family history for example, depression or bipolar disorder
  • What medications are you currently taking including supplements such as vitamins and how long have they been used for
  • How long did it take before previous treatments were effective for your condition

A Psychiatrist May Ask What Medications 

Your psychiatrist will likely ask about your current medications, including what you’re taking and how it’s been working for you. This is important because most patients who are in treatment for a mental illness are on some form of medication.

Your psychiatrist may also want to know if any of the medications aren’t working for you, or if there are any side effects that impact your quality of life negatively. 

If this is the case, he or she can help find other options that would be more beneficial for both your physical health and emotional wellbeing.


The best way to find a psychiatrist who is right for you is by asking friends or family members if they have one they trust; if not, try calling around until someone makes an appointment available within a week or two of when you need it.