Food Processor OBSESSED

My Cuisinart food processor is hands down my absolute favorite thing in my kitchen. A lot of people think I love it a little too much, and to that I say NO WAY. Not possible. In my opinion, anyone who doesn’t love a food processor, has never actually used a food processor. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

I purchased my Cuisinart food processor about four years ago and rarely will a week go by where I don’t use it. It’s just this magical tool that helps me easily make all of my favorite things. I NEVER purchase processed foods anymore, and that has made a huge improvement in my life. It would be a wonderful thing for anyone to be able to make things that way. 

I make everything under the sun, from homemade salsas, dips, hummus, dressings and salads to the sweet stuff, like whipped cream, cookie dough, and ice cream. I make homemade nut butters which is way cheaper than buying them. I don’t remember the last time I actually chopped something by hand either. Less chopping equals less chance for me to accidentally cut myself, which is something I did easily before.

I personally don’t think that people realize just how much use they can get out of their Cuisinart food processors. I didn’t actually know until I put in the work of doing the research for myself. I was absolutely amazed at the possibilities. I can prep just about anything with it. It’s really a life changer. 

I use my Cuisinart food processor so much in fact, that I’m regularly replacing parts, as you would have to with anything that gets that much use. This is why I’m so grateful for KitchenWorksInc. for selling Cuisinart dfp-14n parts that are actually made by Cuisinart. I’ve purchased different blades that grind, grate and slice, a blade for making dough and some extra bowls and feed tubes for different sized foods. These things are all essential to making many of my culinary creations.

The Cuisinart food processor is super easy to clean (trust me, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be using it), easy to store and even easier to use. I love mine so much that I should probably sell them for a living. I’ve given them as gifts for newlyweds many times over, with a note to say how much I love it and I include a favorite recipe that I think that specific couple will enjoy. It’s always a big hit. 

You can also jar some creations made with the Cuisinart food processor and gift it as well. That’s always a neat little way to show people what can actually be done with this magical machine. It’s like I always have to make sure that people really get it. I just want everyone to be as happy as I am with it. So far, it’s worked. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from the recipients of my gifts, or those that I’ve just converted from a conversation. So far, no one has any regrets after getting a Cuisinart food processor.