Everything you need to know about penis envy mushrooms!!

Penis envy mushrooms are a unique type of mushrooms that are not common in the market. Penis envy mushrooms are also known as psilocybe mushrooms in the term of science. According to scientist, penis envy mushrooms is totally different from a common species of mushroom regarding any specification like color, shape, size and numerous other factors. You can only buy penis envy mushrooms from an online platform because purchasing them from an offline platform is a pretty complicated task. It is not easy to find an offline dealer.

On the other hand, there are thousands of trusted platforms available on the internet, like magic mushroom Canada. If you are a bit interested in penis envy mushrooms, then you might know about another name of this mushroom which is a magic mushroom. It is a fact that few people had started to use penis envy shrooms in the wrong manner, which leads to imposing bans by some countries.

But after 1970, countries have started to know about the benefits of consuming it, then most of those countries had removed the ban on the use of psilocybe mushrooms. In this article, we will discuss a unique species of mushroom which is pretty beneficial for your health. Below mentioned is a proper clarification regarding penis envy mushroom.

The origin of penis envy mushroom

The origin of penis envy shrooms is totally anonymous, and no one is confirming these details of magic mushrooms. There is no single evidence is available on earth regarding the place of origin. According to some scientists, it is a kind of mutant strain and not originated on land. It was named on the basis of his size and structure, which is totally similar to the penis of a human being.

But the most believed detail regarding the origin of magic mushroom is that it is grown in the Amazon rainforest. Many experts had claimed that the Amazon rainforest is the first place where it had been firstly visible. But there is no evidence regarding this fact of origin. The latest research on penis envy mushrooms proves that it is the outcome of recessive gene mutation. 

Variation of psilocybe cubensis

It is a fact that every penis envy mushroom is not similar, not similar to each other on the basis of color. There are tons of variations regarding the color of magic mushrooms available all over the world. The majority of shrooms contain dark brown on the top and blue color on the stem. A part called nonexistent velum is present in magic mushrooms which leads to separate the stem of mushrooms with its cap. The mechanism of magic mushroom is genuinely unique.

Popular strains of penis envy mushrooms       

Below mentioned are some popular strains of penis envy mushrooms.

  • The albino strain: It is a kind of milky white kind of strain for which it is known as albino.
  • The uncut strain: It is the most potent variant of magic mushroom in contrast to any other strain.