Different Techniques of Swedish Massage you must consider for yourself

Healing is accomplished through the use of five major massage methods that are incorporated into the 스웨디시 massage therapy modality. The five techniques are:


Effleurage is the name given to the initial series of stroking movements that are used in 스웨디시 massage. The French word effleurage can indicate either to softly stroke or to skim over something. This approach involves performing a series of lengthy, gliding, or cyclic massage strokes while applying varying degrees of pressure to the area being worked on. Effleurage is a technique that involves applying pressure to a patient’s body in order to break up muscle knots and relieve stress. It is done at the start of a massage treatment session to warm up the muscles, and it is done at the end of the session to calm the muscles down and relax them. The1인샵차이점requirements of the patient dictate the level of pressure that is delivered to each stroke. The degree of force that is applied varies.


Petrissage is the next method that comes after effleurage strokes, which are used to warm up the muscles. After that, petrissage is performed. The term “petrissage” originates from the French verb “pétrir,” which translates to “knead.” The process, is commonly applied by physically compressing the soft tissues of an area by kneading, rolling, or squeezing in a rhythmic fashion, among other motions. These motions are particularly helpful for stretching and loosening up tight muscles, which not only improves blood circulation but also contributes to the body’s detoxification.


In 스웨디시 massage, the term “friction” refers to a method that is used to refer to a technique that refers to a technique that refers to a technique that refers to a technique that It is common practise to apply compression in either a circular rhythm (also known as circular friction) or in a perpendicular beat (Transverse Friction). Friction is the ideal technique for loosening tight muscle fibres and realigning them, as well as for treating specific joints like the elbow because of the mix of accuracy and pressure that it requires.

Vibration (Shaking)

To loosen up and relax the 건마사이트body, the vibration technique involves shaking a specific region of the body in a rhythmic pattern. This helps to achieve the desired effects of the technique. It is possible to perform this technique in a variety of different ways, such as utilizing both palms to treat a large area, such as the back, or using the fingers to treat a small and sensitive area, such as the face. The severity and pressure of the technique are determined by the area of the body that is being treated. It is particularly helpful for calming nerves and healing areas that have a significant amount of scar tissue.


The action of tapping or drumming is referred to as tapotement in French. The patient is given a series of rhythmic taps all over their body during this treatment. 스웨디시are employed because they have been shown to increase the flow of blood and endorphins throughout the body. As a result, tapping is especially helpful for loosening up muscles that are tight and for releasing lymphatic fluid that has built up. The level of pressure or force that is applied during tapotement is variable depending on the requirements of the patient; nonetheless, there are five primary methods that are utilised while performing tapotement: