Blackstone Futures Trading Platforms

Blackstone Futures: The Best Facts To Know About

For traders to execute their trades, they need a platform on which they are able to trade. The trading platforms are software that a broker offers traders to trade on. Each and every broker reserves the right to offer their own trading platform. 

A lot of brokers use third-party platforms. However, some opt to use their in house build platforms.

Blackstone Futures offer two trading platforms that trader can choose from. The first one is the widely known Meta Trader 4 trading platform. This is used by many forex brokers all over the world. In addition to Meta Trader 4, they have their proprietary trading platform known as CloudTrade. Both platforms offer a variety of functions and features that can be used to execute trades.

Meta Trader

This is one of the most popular trading platforms worldwide. Most traders use it due to its excellent features and customizable user-friendly interface. 

It was developed by MetaQuotes has proven to be reliable with fast execution speeds. It has numerous trading solutions and is able to run automated trading strategies. Some of Meta Traders’ notable key features are; advanced and powerful charting capabilities, a customizable and user friendly interface, numerous tools and indicators, a wide range of chart types and timeframes and automated trading via custom EAs and scripts.

Other features are alert notifications through SMS, email and pop-ups, one click trading and multiple order types and a Meta Trader community where signals and tools can be shared among traders. Meta Trader is preferred by seasoned traders since it has been in existence for a long time. Some traders are used to their tools and their interface.

CloudTrade platform

CloudTrade is Blackstone Futures’ in house trading platform. As compared to Meta Trader 4, CloudTrade is much faster as it uses cloud technology. It is similar to WebTrader in several aspects. Blackstone Futures customer experience the fastest trading speed using this platform.

CloudTrade is easily accessible through a web browser or can be downloaded as an application to be used on mobile devices that support iOS and Android operating systems.

In addition, this platform enables instant execution of market orders and provides numerous resting order types. It has a comprehensive and powerful charting package with adequate number of capabilities. 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the trading platform you choose, it will all come down to your own preferences. Both CloudTrade and Meta Trader 4 have amazing capabilities to execute your trade. They can be both accessed via the browser or an application on the mobile device. This enables traders to execute their traders wherever they are.

CloudTrade is inhouse developed and as such, it does not have a large community to share information. It is restricted to Blackstone Futures customers only. This means the traders on Blackstone Futures have limited access to trading information which is easily accessible by other traders using different brokers.

However, it is important to note that CloudTrade is cloud based hence offers fast executions. In Forex trading, time is of essence and as such CloudTrade has an upper hand as compared to Meta Trader4.