Anime Through the Ages

One of the greatest advantages of having online streaming media is getting to watch anything and everything on the go. We can at any time of the day or anywhere watch anime online whenever we like. This is the reason Anime has spread its wings over the world and become known and popular globally. It is so loved among the western audience that even Western studios have started making anime-like shows. Now let’s find out what is anime and why has it become so popular among the global audience.

The Definition

The term anime is an abbreviation for the term animation. In Japan, it is used for any kind of entertainment that is animated. Internationally though, this word is used for any animated shows originating from Japan. The difference between anime and cartoons is nothing but cultural.


Anime is close to a hundred years old. The first confirmed example of Anime was produced in 1917 titled NamakuraGatana which had a run time of only four minutes. Over time it has seen a lot of good times and an equal number of bad times, but it has kept its base strong still.

The process of making Anime is laborious. There are multiple genres in which the artists make anime. The artists have pushed the bars and limitations of making anime and the stories told with it. Artistry and style also fall under a varying spectrum. 

Anime in Western Culture

Can we consider American cartoons Anime? The answer is debatable among the viewers and the makers. Some people believe animation with Japanese origins can only be considered anime. Since anime has a large western fanbase, a lot of western artists have also now started making incredible animated movies in their own right. Shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender are American shows with Japanese influence. 

In present times, Japanese and American artists have now started collaborating on projects. The unique way of anime storytelling is what has pulled in a wide range of viewers. And this still keeps increasing with time. Its Japanese way of storytelling has attracted a huge variety of international audiences. Maestros like Hayao Miyazaki, Makoto Shinkai, and Satoshi Kon have created the best anime films of all time. They have also given us some of the greatest animated movies.

The Making

Anime is not very different in technology from the animation productions of Western culture. It takes a ginormous amount of time and work. Stories need to be written, storyboarded, workshopped, taken into an animatic, voiced, and then goes to be animated. This process takes months and years to come to a close. All these projects are created by an entire studio of artists constantly at work. 

Even though there’s new technology at play here animation still takes a giant amount of time to create and is incredibly laborious. The style and artistry have changed immensely but the artists still need to put in a similar amount of work to make it work. The imagination of the artists is what makes animation so interesting and exciting to watch.

No matter who you are or what your choice of movie is, chances are there is an anime series or movie out there for you. So, you need not fret at all. Open your system and watch free anime or watch anime dub online right now.