An Evangelist for Sobriety: The Benefits of Joining Joliet AA Groups

For those struggling with alcoholism, support groups are an invaluable resource. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides a safe and supportive environment that encourages members to gain the strength they need to stay on their recovery journey. In Chicago, there is no shortage of aa chicago available for those seeking help. This article will provide information about the various types of meetings available and how to find them.

Types of AA Meetings in Chicago

Chicago has numerous options when it comes to attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Some of the most popular types of meetings include open, closed, speaker, step-study, big book study, candlelight and women’s meetings. Open meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about AA and recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD), while closed meetings are reserved for people who identify as alcoholics or have a desire to stop drinking. Speaker meetings feature a speaker who shares his or her story and experience with AUD as well as how they achieved sobriety through AA. Step-study and big book study meetings focus on discussing the 12 Steps outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous and using the Big Book (the founding text of AA). Candlelight meetings offer a more relaxed atmosphere while providing a sense of community with other members, while women’s only meetings offer a safe space for female members to discuss their experiences with AUD without judgement or interruption.

Finding AA Meetings in Chicago

There are many ways to find an AA meeting in Chicagoland area. The best place to start is on the official website for Alcoholics Anonymous in Illinois which provides detailed meeting lists across the state as well as contact information for local intergroups (groups of local AA groups). Additionally, many churches host open or closed Alcoholics Anonymous groups every week; if you’re unsure whether your church offers this service, call ahead or ask around at your faith community gatherings. There are also many online resources such as TwelveStepFinder that provide comprehensive listings of all types of recovery group meetings worldwide including ones in Chicago.

Finally, local health clinics and community centers often provide referrals to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or can refer you to a support hotline if you’re unsure where to start. Regardless of which method you use, it is important that you reach out for help and attend meetings on a regular basis in order to get the most out of recovery. With the right support and guidance, you can begin to heal and make a positive change in your life.

No matter which path you take, it is important to remember that none of us are alone in our struggles with alcohol.

Conclusion: If you or someone you know is struggling with AUD, consider attending one or more Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Chicago. With its numerous options available covering various topics and interests, AA can be a great starting point on your road to recovery from alcohol use disorder. Don’t forget that support from friends and family is just as important; don’t be afraid to reach out if you feel like you need help! Remember – you are not alone!