3 Top Rules of Card Etiquette

So there is a great group of business card printing designed and printed and therefore are keen to obtain them available on your side as quickly as possible. Before you begin disbursing them like confetti in a spring wedding, make time to think about a couple of smart rules of card etiquette.

Be selective

Don’t hands your business card printing to everyone you discover. You might have seen many people at networking occasions on offer pressing their cards in to the hands of individuals they haven’t even talked to yet. This really is off-putting, the same as spam and destined straight for that recycling bin.

Your card is really a proper tool. The key factor is to create a connection with a brand new contact by speaking for them. If once you have established an association, you believe you need to stay in touch together, that’s in which the card is available in. It’s an good way to exchange details, to help remind one another from the conversation you have had and also the connection you’ve already made.

Hold back until you are requested

Even once you have designed a reference to someone, hold back until they request your card. Don’t press your card in it when they don’t ask. Rather request their card and continue your conversation having a follow-up email or call. Most likely once you have requested for his or her card they’ll request yours as a swap anyway.


Only request business card printing should you genuinely want to stay in touch using the person you have been speaking to. Try to follow-up together using a quick call, an e-mail or at the minimum adding these to your network using a e-newsletter. You might want to add these to your Linked in network to carry on your connection. Keep in mind that your card is simply a way to an finish. The finish is not getting that card into another person’s card situation, but growing a brand new business model from your initial contact.

Other etiquette tips

When handed a card that you have requested for, view it as it were, maybe comment or ask quick questions whether it occurs. Don’t merely shove the credit card in your wallet without glancing in internet marketing.

Many networking tips suggest writing something in your card before you decide to hands it over, like a memory jogger, or writing an email on the card that’s handed for you. This is often helpful in Western business that will help you stick out in the crowd, but don’t forget that it’s considered disrespectful in Asian business society to create on business card printing.