How Does The Tow Hitch Work?

The trailer hitch is a solution for cars to pull other vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, or other cars, You can contact now (ติดต่อเลย which is the term in Thai) a specialist for that. The equipment is fixed to a bar of the first vehicle that serves as a support or to the body itself if it came from the factory. One or two metal balls where the trailer socket attaches to the vehicle. The system also has a power connector, which powers the trailer’s brake lights, lights and turns signal repeaters.

Advantages Of Trailer Hitch

  • Assist vehicles in difficulty
  • couple reels
  • load bikes

To better understand why having a trailer hitch, we have listed the advantages below.

Assist Vehicles In Difficulty

Those who usually walk on dirt roads or make travel trails may have already been stuck. Because in a time of difficulty like this, finding a car with a tow hitch to help you is quite a relief. But this accessory can be a savior, not just for cars stuck in muddy terrain. Removing obstacles out of the way, for example, is also a good use for the device.

Couple Reels

This is perhaps the trailer hitch’s primary use, which differs from the semi- trailer. It is essential, especially for those who use the vehicle for commercial purposes. The accessory is a great ally for those who work in the street food trade. After all, with it, you can take the meal preparation cart to all the points you want. The accessory is also handy for those who work with cargo transport, as it allows the reel to be coupled to carry items in the branch the owner operates. For example, transporting goods or moving, having the tow hitch will allow you to exercise your craft with your car.  

Load Bikes

Did you know that the trailer hitch can also be used to install a carrier to transport bicycles? This type of accessory use is beneficial, especially for adventurers out there. Those who usually make extreme trails and use the bikes for sports need to take their skinny for many kilometers. In this way, the device serves well for the support to be coupled, allowing the bicycle to be transported in the rear of the vehicle. However, paying attention to the type of support used is necessary. Ideally, the material should be quite resistant, preferably made of carbon steel and with a quality finish, such as electrostatic painting.