Clearing the Clutter: The Dos and Don’ts of Dealing with Pipework

Proper skirting board installation can entirely transform the look and feel of your home. Not only do skirting boards enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, but they also serve functional purposes such as hiding wiring and concealing gaps between the walls and floors. However, one crucial aspect of achieving a successful skirting board installation is accurate measurement. In this article, we’ll outline essential steps to help you master the measurement process and accurately measure for skirting board installation.

1. Measure the Length of the Walls 

The initial step in measuring for skirting board installation is to measure the length of the walls where the skirting boards will be installed. Take a measuring tape and hold it from one side of the wall to the other to get an accurate measurement. It is recommended to measure both the upper and lower lengths to ensure there is no curve or discrepancy.

2. Check for Wall Projections and Furniture 

It is crucial to note any wall projections such as radiators or pipes that could impact the placement and size of skirting boards. Furniture and shelving units may also affect the measurement process. If you plan to mount furniture against the wall in question, it is suggested to include the furniture’s thickness in the measurement.

3. Measure the Height of the Walls 

The height of the walls where the skirting boards will be installed is another critical measurement to consider. Measuring the height of the walls will explicitly indicate how tall your skirting boards should be. Using a measuring tape, record the height of the wall, again taking into consideration furniture and possible projections.

4. Calculate the Total Length and Height 

After obtaining accurate measurements of the wall length and height, compute the total length and height needed for your skirting board installation project. To calculate the total length needed, add up the wall lengths, including any over/underage measurements. For ceiling height, make a note of the tallest height obtained from the walls measured. With this information, you can now decide on the materials and design that best fits your specifications.

5. Consult with an Expert 

Consulting with a professional skirting board installation expert is one of the best ways to ensure that you get it right the first time around. Professional skirting board installers have experience working with different types of walls, materials, and challenges, making them the perfect resource to guarantee quality skirting board installation. You can consult with your installer regarding the materials needed, design elements, and any other recommendations they have based on the measurements you’ve taken.

Measuring for skirting board installation is a crucial step to ensure the project runs smoothly and appears aesthetically pleasing. Accurate measurements are essential to ensure the correct materials and tools are utilized, and there are no gaps left around the edges. Proper installation enables the skirting boards to serve as a design feature and robust protection for your home. By following these essential steps, you can master the measurement process and build a solid foundation for your skirting board installation project.